I want to buy Katina Marie Collection. Where can I get it?


For off-line stores, please contact one of our respective regional sales representative for the retail shop information near you.  Please see “CONTACT US” page.

For on-line, many products are already available in Amazon by e-commerce retailers. Simply type Katina Marie in the search box on Amazon website for more information.

I have a retail shop and I am interested in selling the Katina Marie Collection products. What do I need to do?


If you are interested in selling the Katina Marie collection, please contact one of the regional sales rep. Please see “CONTACT US” page. Our sales rep will help you to receive exclusive information about new and upcoming styles and clearance notices.


What is the difference between Katina Marie and Marieta collection?


The Katina Marie collection are pre-washed premium quality products whereas the Marieta collection are non pre-washed products.

Are Katina Marie Collection Made in USA?


Approximately 97 percent of the clothes sold in the United States being imported however the Katina Marie Collection products are all Made in USA.

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